I have a government contract, what do I do now?
First off, you probably have a document that states “DD FORM 1155” in the lower left corner - that’s good. Congratulations!!! So, you bid your product, but no one told you about all these clauses, packaging and markings. That’s where we come in. We will review the clauses, breakdown the packaging codes, determine the proper material and specifications and prepare all documentation. Relax, let us handle the rest – you just keep making what you make and we will worry about the “everything else”. We are experts in mil spec packaging.

How do I get pricing before I get the contract?
Every RFQ/RFP has the same requirements as a contract or purchase order. After you determine your selling price, fax or mail us a copy of the request so we may quote you on the mil spec packaging, markings and freight from our place to the ultimate destination.

What is Military Spec Packaging?

Military spec packaging is referenced by MIL-STD-2073. This calls for very unique materials to help preserve and protect your product until the Military requires its use. The military also requires markings (MIL-STD-129) that help them accept and process your order. Correct markings speed-up the acceptance and payments for your product.

What does Zelogtek mean?

Zelogtek, pronounced Zee-log-tech, is a name comprised of the key skills of the company; Zerust corrosion solutions, logistics, and technical applications.