ASTM D3951 / Commercial Packaging

What is Commercial Packaging in accordance with ASTM D3951?

This is a standard preservation method where the item has a minimum protection level. It is available for purchase on the web. This preservation method is quantity specific and references MIL-STD-129.

Can I use the commercial packaging that the product comes in to ship to the government?

NO—Loose fill cushioning is prohibited by the ASTM, and then container used MUST provide safe storage for a 1-year period. Also, you need to look at your Quote/Award you will see the words: PKGING DATA – QUP:001 – this means the Quantity per Unit Pack is 1. You need to break down the initial shipment to 1 item per bag, carton or container. 

Once I break down the package to 1 item per bag, am I good to go?

NO—Look at your Quote/Award, you will see MIL-STD-129. This is a required marking using a MIL qualified label containing various information in a bar code format. They can be easy attached to your container, bag or carton. This is similar to the SKU system used in the commercial world.

Now that EACH item is bagged, labeled, and boxed do I need to do anything else?

YES—You may have noticed that to government wants to pay the shipping cost for you. You will see on the front page of your order on the right side DELIVERY FOB – yours will prbably says OTHER. You can go to the website referenced as VSM and obtain a PACKING LIST, MSL, and your FREIGHT PREPAID label (UPS, DHL, LTL, etc.). Note: The RFID label available for print DOES NOT  meet the requirements as listed below:

MIL-STD-129 requires a MILITARY SHIPPING LABEL (MSL). You are also required to use a passive RFID tag (DFARS 252.211.7006) this is also part of the master solicitation. This RFID tag contains a Radio Frequency chip containing at a minimum your cage code and tag#. You are required to log this tag# into the WIDE AREA WORKFLOW document of a RECEIVING REPORT for your product to be accepted at the requested destination. 

The last thing you need to do is to enter all this information on WAWF. Remember to enter your TCN (number of top of your MSL), your RFID#, and also your CBL (prepaid tracking/pro number) - this will tie everything together and make it easier for you to get paid. 

Now that I have all the exterior labels and the prepaid shipping label and WAWF can I drop this off or will the carrier just show up?

If you have a daily pick up of the assigned carrier, you can just give it to them. If not, you will need to call and schedule a pick up. You may get charged a pick up fee if you are not a current customer.

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