Sensors Cleaning Case Study

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An OEM Service and Parts Organization needed to distribute 40,000 sensors crucial to the operation of equipment they sold over the last 10 years as part of their warranty coverage. These parts have been in their inventory for some amount of time and are no longer produced. (Photo A).


 OEM Service

Photo A





When samples of these sensors were inspected before shipment, the sensors were found to have black copper oxidation on exposed areas of the gold plated contact leads (see photos B and C). All 40,000 sensors were deemed unusable for their purpose and no replacement was found.


Photo B                                                                    Photo C


OEM service        OEM service





OEM contacted Zelogtek to perform the cleaning service. Zelogtek  was able to remove the copper oxide formation without damaging the gold plating or the encased component (Photos D and E).



Photo D                                                                    Photo E


Zelogkek OEM service        Zelogtek OEM Service




The cleaned sensors were packed in Zerust® ICT®520-CB1 anti-tarnish material to prevent further copper oxide oxidation. (Photo G)




Photo G


Zelogtek OEM Service